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We're Back in Derby! - Layout

We're super excited to be back in Derby! For all those wondering, here's our Facebook event. You can also grab your tickets here.

We've added a section to our website called 'Derby Venue' this will give you a breakdown. But we just wanted to highlight that we've gone back to our original layout across 3 different buildings.

Derby Venue Layout

Hall A: Traders, games, painting competition and Paint in 20

Hall B: Traders, games, Bring & Buy

Hall C: Seating area, Tuck Shop, Board Games Library 

All halls will be clearly marked, you will need your wristbands to enter all halls, these can be collected/purchased at the main desk in Hall A.

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1 Comment

David Lanchester
David Lanchester
Mar 09

Hi, I know it's rather late in the day, but do you have a slot for me and my books?

Dave Lanchester Military Books

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