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We introduced the 'Hobby Clinic' back in 2019, and it has been a firm favorite of the show.


This year at the Hobby clinic we have our usual professional painters to help answer any questions you have about your hobby and will hopefully be able to show you some tricks as well. Elston, Moggy and Judge will be there to assist if you have any questions about how to paint plus they maybe able to show you some tricks and tools like how to airbrush.

However this year we have something a little different as a bit of a treat. We’ve managed to wrangle some
YouTube influencers in the hobby community to come have a chat with you for a Meet and Greet between 1pm and 2pm on the Hobby Clinic.




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Also returning the mini Monster Elston. Elston is known for many things but speed and productivity are specialty. Want to know some tips on how to get your army ready in no time at all Elston will have some advice for you. Go say hello to him if you can spot him (he is quite good at hiding)



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Also returning our other resident professional painter and hobby master Moggy. Moggy has years of experience in all areas of the hobby, whether it be how to assemble large models to how to use an airbrush moggy will have some good recommendations to help you progress on your hobby journey. Go say hello, he might even let you try out an airbrush.



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Returning as always we have our resident high end painter winner of golden demon awards Judge Gudge. If you want to know more about how to do high quality paint job and push your expertise to another level have a chat with this man. He'll be at the hobby clinic throughout the day at various points so don't be shy.

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We also have a new guest painter this year The Unrelenting Brush

This will be the first year we have them with us here at Chillcon and we're thoroughly looking forward to see what they bring to the party. If you want to see quality, speed and efficiency and to be taught some cool tricks come check them out between 10 and 12 where they'll be ready to answer any questions you have.


Also we have some returning Guest we're going to be having a chat with and if we can convince them to have a sit down and paint with us.


Firstly we have the wonderful Dave from MS_Paints. A fantastic Youtube hobbyist with a style all his own. When we asked Dave what he would like to say we were told this.

'Frog confirmed to attend' 

You'll have to meet him in person to find out what that means.

Dave will be at the hobby clinic between 12 and 2 to do some meet and greets and some signings.


Next we have returning guests from last year The Painting Phase. This year we should be getting all 3 members attending so you can say hi to Geoff, Pat and Peachy. We're hoping to have a site down and chat with them with a bit of a Q&A as well. Come along and say hello they are great hobby content creators with a wealth of experience. 


And lastly but no means least we have the wonderful Chapter Master Valrak attending. Known for his enthusiasm for the hobby we are lucky he's going to be attending and we're hoping we'll be able to pin him down for a sit down and chat with a possible Q&A as well. 

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Dubbed as one of the North's favorite tabletop conventions, well known for being family friendly and a relaxed atmosphere. CHILLCON is in its sixth year and welcomes some of the most loved wargaming and tabletop companies in the industry.



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