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We have some great games at CHILLCON this year, with a huge variety of game systems! So if you've ever wanted to have a game of new game then here's your chance, all free to join in and have a great day out! 


Warhammer 40k

Game host: John Bennett

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, There is only war Come and see if you can survive in these dangerous times Who will you side with: The imperium of man's Space Marines The dark gods of chaos Traitorous Space Marines The never ending hunger of the Tyranids The greater good of the Tau Empire Who will survive, You decide.


Zombie Glory

Game host: The Glory Boys

Zombie Glory is a race. First person to place their figure on one of the four safe zones is the winner. Starting out with only basic equipment players must scavange the table to find better equipment etc., while avoiding the undead and other players trechery. So the race for survival begins...


Black Seas

Game host: Wakefield & District Wargamers 

A refight of the combat between Bonne Homme Richard (John Paul Jones) and HMS Serapis


Cupcake Wars

Game host: Cozzmic Cakes

Control your Warhammer Imperial Titan to win your delicious cupcake


Burrows & Badgers

Game host: Dales Wargames

Burrows & Badgers is a tabletop skirmish game of anthropomorphic animals that takes place in the Kingdom of Northymbra, a realm populated by mice, badgers, moles, toads, and numerous other beasts


Kings of War: Armada

Game host: Tom's Bunker

Join us in Fantasy naval combat as we go Kraken Hunting.


Trench Offensive

Game host: Pandyman Entertainment

WW1 Trench warfare


Raiders of the Steppe

Game host: Sheffield Wargames Society

It is a sunny day in the steppe, the Borjigin horsemen have gone hunting and people at Temujin's camp are busy with their everyday chores. Nothing they know about the threat that casts dark clouds over their camp, as raiding parties are approaching their camp with everything but friendly intentions. Raiders of the Steppe is a 1 vs many game Dark Age skirmish game loosely based on Todd Kershners' Pig Wars. It can be played by 3 to 4 players.


Discworld Witch Racing

Game host: Grantham Gaming Club

Witches on brooms racing around a model of the Unseen University



Game host: Darker Days Radio

Demos of the 4th edition of Privateer Press' Warmachine wargame.


Tank Hunting for Beginners

Game host: SeaBeeGames

Stalingrad, October 1942. Two Russian infantry are hunting two German Panzer III with anti-tank rifles. Players control the Russians. German actions and random events are die-roll determined by a games-master. Lines of sight and fire play a crucial role. 15mm figures.

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CHILLCON is one of the North's favorite family friendly table top games conventions ran by wargamers. Now in its 4th year we see a return to Sheffield.

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Ecclesfield School



S35 9WD

Saturday 20th August 2022

10am to 4pm



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