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A Mention from OnTabletop!

We've had a great review and shout out from OnTableTop (Beasts of War) Check out the original post here:

Dates & Info // CHILLCON 2022

Bringing the North's favorite hobby convention back to gaming halls, attendees will be able to visit retailers, publishers, and creators behind some of the biggest titles in the industry. Confirmed to attend the event are the likes of Mantic Games, Warlord Games, and many more. But you can find a full scope of traders on their website here.

Along with retailers and shop fronts to sink your teeth into, there will be a host of demos available too for your chance to playtest new, upcoming and unreleased titles in the 'Demo Zone'. Plus, if you want to try your hand at the Painting Competition - it's free to enter, and boasts lots of prizes to be won.

If you are not keen on entering the Painting Competition and want some advice on your technique, CHILLCON will also be hosting their 'Hobby Clinic', which will home a plethora of industry painters if you want to pop in for a chat. Including Golden Daemon winners, commission painters and some who have often wielded a brush for Forge World. If you want a fresh perspective on your project - or just generally want to meet some fellow painters - be sure to check out the 'Hobby Clinic'.

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