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The Terrain Tutor's In!

That's right the Mel Bose, known as 'The Terrain Tutor' will be attending CHILLCON and featuring on our 'Hobby Clinic'.

Mel is well known in the wargaming industry for his terrain hacks and tips, first started his YouTube channel back in 2013, he has now reached 177K subscribers. Over the years Mel has done some absolutely beautiful terrain pieces and boards. Take a look!

Bolt Action - D-Day Board

Alongside his YouTube channel, Mel has recently launched a book 'Terrain Essentials' showcasing different techniques and step-by-step instructions on how to create your own terrain pieces at home. Take a look at the original kickstarter page here

The Terrain Tutor will be spending a few hours on our 'Hobby Clinic' to answer any questions you may have, ask for tips or just as a general meet and greet. All this and other aspects of the show are included in your ticket price.

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