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Partizan 2022 Roadtrip!

Our yearly pilgrimage down to Partizan!

We headed down to promote CHILLCON and it was nice to see some old faces that we haven't seen in so long due to the pandemic, Partizan has always been a fantastic show to visit, some fantastic looking display games as you can see below! Its great to see such a fantastic atmosphere with everyone getting back into the hobby!

Alongside seeing some great games, we had a chance to meet some of the traders that will be coming to CHILLCON this year:

ABC Brushes

ABC brushes provides a wide range of top quality brushes for very reasonable prices.

David Lanchester Books

David Lanchester is a staple of any show with a wide variety of new/used books from any area of wargaming and history.

Colour Forge Hobby Supplies

Relatively new to the wargaming trade, Colour Forge is well known for their spray-paints and now has started to grow their range to flocks, magnets and other useful wargaming accessories.

Rubicon Models

Here's one for wargamers and scale modelers alike - Rubicon models strives to give you highly detailed kits, bringing their brand new Vietnam War range and their ever growing WW2 range!

Iron Gate Scenery

Leading the way in 3D printed terrain, accessories and models, IGS is a firm favorite at any show!

Second Thunder

Returning to CHILLCON, Second Thunder is a small independent rules creator, famous for 'Open Combat'

The Pit Game Store

The Pit now represent Mantic Games at most of the UK conventions, alongside a huge range of Mantic products, they have all the popular game systems and releases.

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