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As you know 2018's theme for our shows was Vikings, and for the last show of the year we think we have chosen an epic figure!


We're open to ideas for the name of this fantastic female beserker, so please feel free to drop us an email or a Facebook message.


She will be available in white metal and you'll find her in all the goody bags, so be sure to reserve your bag by buying in advance or buying one of our swag bags!


Find out more about our swag bags here

CHILLCON Derby's Figure Inspiration


New SWAG Bags for Derby!

For our Derby show we thought we'd try something completley different!


As you know we offer goody bags for people that attend CHILLCON, and we will continue to do so, however these will be a lower quantity. However you can still reserve your goody bag by buying your ticket in advance and save £1.00 on the ticket price too, no brainer!


But we can do better then that! we have 3 more bags for you to upgrade too, and they are seriously good value for money! So lets take a look at the bags shall we?


Take a look and buy your swag bags here